We offer a complete project team and deliver turn-key solutions

Electrical installation

We offer electrical installation work as well as repair and modification services on all types of vessels. Our electricians and service engineers are very experienced in all types of maritime electrical installations and systems. We also provide related construction work in order to guarantee a complete installation.

Our 20 years of experience allows us to tackle the vast majority of situations that can arise.

We can provide turn-key solutions including the following:

  • Fire detection
  • CCTV
  • Public address system
  • Telephone system
  • Power distribution systems
  • Medium and LV switchboards
  • LV Motor control centers, starter and frequency drives

Steel and piping works

We have the knowledge and experience needed to work with various pipe systems on repair and conversion projects. We are very experienced in working with different types and grades of material (e.g. carbon and stainless steel, copper and glass fiber-reinforced epoxy).

We work on installations for marine and offshore projects such as:

  • Ballast water system
  • Sea water cooling
  • Portable water
  • Fire fight
  • Gland and flushing (Dredgers)
  • Black and grey water
  • In tank cargo lines
  • Ballast water treatment
  • Scrubber systems

With our partners, we can do wide range of steel works, from simple modifications to complex fabrication and installation of different structural elements of the ship, such as ship sections/blocks, foundations, radar masts, drilling derricks, monorails, steel fit-outs, etc.

Performance requires materials to be used at ranges near their maximum capabilities and one major concern has always been steel infrastructure and fastener corrosion problems.

To prevent this, all external components must be coated with proper protection systems, that successfully minimize negative effects caused by environmental conditions. Challenging productive coatings application projects, in often harsh and demanding environments require high level of Technical knowledge, reliable management and quality- all of witch Offshore&Marine Services can provide.

Interior works

OMS provides a comprehensive range of services for all vessel types. Projects include anything from minor interior work to supplying and installing complete accommodation packages.


  • Design and installation
  • Furniture
  • Insulation
  • Pin welding
  • Mounting of wall and ceiling panels
  • Concrete and floating floors
  • Ventilation
  • Floorcoverings

Surface protection

OMS has the capacity to quickly mobilize teams with the needed equipment for on-site sandblasting and coating projects.

With international experience gained in the Baltic States, Nordic countries, Russia and Asia, we know how to ensure the best performance and operate in accordance with industry standards for surface preparation and the application of coating materials so as to guarantee that a project is carried out exactly as it should be.

Project scope:

  • Hulls and tanks
  • Superstructures
  • Heavy equipment
  • Onshore tanks
  • Industrial buildings

Scrubber Installation

There are various Scrubber systems (exhaust gas cleaning systems), that remove sulfur oxides from ship’s engine and boiler exhausted gases. We can help you find the best solution.

Our services:

  • Inspection on board/Feasibility Study
  • Verification of existing documentation
  • Plug-and-Play concept
  • Precise on-board measurements
  • 3D CAD model of new installation
  • Classification and Workshop documentation
  • Strength calculations
  • Vibration and stability calculations
  • Installation on board

Ballast Water Treatment System

Ballast water contains a wide range of organisms, including marine and coastal plants and animals from different parts of the world. If taken up in one place and released in another, some organisms may survive and prosper in their new home. This can have a serious impact on the environment. To solve the problem is to install Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS).

We offer turn-Key systems including the following:

  • Verification of existing documentation
  • On-board survey
  • Conceptual design
  • Selection of ballast water treatment system/manufacturer
  • Classification documentation for approval
  • Workshop documentation
  • Installation on board


OMS offers procurement expertise for the offshore and marine industry. We work closely with our preferred manufacturers and suppliers to ensure equipment is delivered on time, within budget and according to specifications.

Together with the Low-Voltage Switchboard Factory in Estonia, we offer following:

  • AC and DC Power Distribution systems up to 6300 A
  • Medium and Low voltage switchboards
  • LV Motor starters
  • Frequency converters
  • Transformers LV/ MV/ HV
  • Busbar Systems up to 5000 A
  • Automatic Capacitor Units for LV and MV

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We maintain and repair each item from simple lighting upgrade to automation systems.

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